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The city of Houston is home to some of the brightest tech minds in the world. What may surprise you the most is that some of these workers aren’t even working traditional “tech” jobs. The unique thing about Houston is the city’s ability to work across industry lines. Workers in the Houston area are a diverse group with a variety of professional skills. 

Are you excited about the possibility of working in such a diverse and innovative environment? Stick around for the breakdown of the top companies to work for in the Houston area. 

Tech Job Trends in Houston

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Tech Job Availability in Houston is higher than ever!

Before looking at the best companies in the area, we should take a look at Houston’s economy as a whole. While not the most major city in Texas, let’s not discount Houston entirely. The city has worked tremendously hard to make a name for itself in the tech industry and has already achieved notability in a variety of other industries, including finance, aerospace, gas, and oil industries. So, how is Houston so successful? Don’t just take out word for it! Let’s get down to the numbers. 

Houston by Numbers 

The city of Houston may not be at the top of your list when you imagine the United State’s biggest tech scenes. It’s important not to underestimate this south Texas city because, as the numbers will prove, Houston is prospering. 

The city of Houston, Texas has long been a pioneer of industry and has worked hard with local governments to increase job availability across multiple industries. The city is filled with engineers. In fact, Houston has the second highest population of engineers per capita in the United States. These engineers can be found working in a variety of Houston’s most prominent industries, including construction, oil, aerospace, and more. 

Houston’s economy also greatly benefits from major partnerships with the medical and finance sectors. As a major banking hub, the city has prospered with the continued innovations coming out of the fintech industry. Additionally, Houston boasts the largest medical facility in the world, the famous Texas Medical Center. A great deal of collaboration has taken place between the city of Houston, the tech sector, and the medical sector of the area. This continued collaboration means a stronger economy, and many life savings for both citizens of Houston and beyond. 

Houston is also deemed a relatively cheap city in the South to live in when compared to other major tech hubs in the United States. The current cost of living in Houston is around $65,000 per year. The current housing cost in Houston is just under $300,000. With costs significantly lower than rival cities, Houston proves to be a frugal option for tech workers looking to cash in. 

Best Companies to Work for in Houston

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Here are the top companies to work for in Houston.

Now that we’ve covered both a history of Houston’s tech scene and also what you should be looking for in a great tech job, let’s get down to business. To better assess the companies, let’s break them into two categories: Tech Giants and Tech Startups. 

Tech Giants

The competition for major tech companies in Houston is insanely high. If you can pass the interviews and make the cut, then these tech companies are definitely for you! 

1. Chevron

As one of the leading oil and fuel companies in the world, Chevron employs over 10,000 people worldwide. As a significant player in the Houston petroleum industry, the company has a wide range of openings for a variety of positions including tech-oriented job roles. 

Employee benefits include stellar healthcare, tuition reimbursement, paid parental leave, 401K, paid time off, stock options, performance bonuses, work from home, gym memberships, company social events, and much more. 

2. JPMorgan Chase

Chase bank is one of the largest banks in the world. With one of its primary corporate offices being located in Houston, Texas, Chase is a major technical employer for the area. 

Employee perks include great healthcare, 401K, on-campus childcare, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, stock options, maternity leave, and more. 

3. Texas Children’s Hospital

Named the 4th best children’s hospital in the United States, Texas Children’s Hospital is dedicated to the wellbeing of children and women everywhere. 

Benefits include excellent health insurance coverage, paid time off, 401K matching at 3%, tuition reimbursement, free garage parking, and more. 

Tech Startups

Now that we’ve covered the top three major tech companies in Houston, let’s take a look at the top three startups in the area. It’s important to note that with so many startups in the surrounding Houston area, it is near impossible to review every one of them. However, from our research, we’ve gathered that the following three companies offer some pretty great perks for employees. 

1. Onit

Onit was founded back in 2011 and is now the leading provider of Enterprise Legal Management solutions for companies of the 21st century. Onit’s goal is to transform the way legal teams drive operations and process improvements. Onit currently has 180 employees spread amongst its Austin, Houston, and India offices. 

Company perks include competetive health insurance, PTO, 401K, monthly socials, free lunch and snacks, work from home, and more. 

2. P97 Networks

P97 Networks is a Houston based company that aims to provide secure, cloud-based, mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions. The company dedicated itself to creating unique connected consumer-based experiences. 

Employee perks include work/life balance, work from home days, free lunch, generous salary raises, in-office game room, 401K options, and more. 

3. Innovapptive

Houston-based Innovapptive aims to build a digital platform that connects entire industrial workforces from executives to back offices to help minimize plant outages and improve overall operational excellence. 

Benefits include great healthcare, 401K, paid time off, free parking, and more. 

How Does This Benefit You? 

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What’s the final takeaway?

The world of tech both in Houston and beyond is changing at lightning speed. New jobs are becoming available faster than ever before. As the demand for qualified workers in the tech industry continues to rise, so will the compensation and perks of workers. Considering making a move to the city of Houston? Here’s what you need to know. 

Houston’s tech economy is unlike many major cities. The primary difference between Houston and other major technical cities is the fact that Houston’s tech industry is spread and merged throughout other industries in the city, primarily the oil and aerospace industries. One thing to keep in mind when considering a position in Houston is that you may never know where you’ll find the next best tech position. Keep an open mind and show a willingness to try new industries, and you’ll go far in Houston and beyond. 

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