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If you want to pursue a tech career in the southern part of the United States, then Houston is a great place to get started. While Houston isn’t as well-known for its tech as other states, it is still a growing tech hub and many large companies are providing new and exciting career opportunities for people in the area.


However, there are several tech jobs available to people who want to break into the industry. These positions range from web development to software engineering and so much more. One of the positions growing in demand, especially among large businesses, is data science. As a data scientist, you have the potential to earn a significant amount while also helping businesses in Houston better appeal to their audience.


What Is Data Science?


Data science is the process of collecting data people have created and discovering what it reveals about an organization’s products and services. Data scientists must sort, process, and collect the data to provide helpful insights and guide the business towards decisions that will make it more successful.


There are a number of things that data scientists do, such as help retail stores choose their products. Data scientists must take large amounts of data and turn it into something actionable for other parts of an organization to utilize.


If you are a fan of data, tables, and organization, then data science is a great career to pursue. However, it can be difficult to start working as a data scientist without experience in the tech industry. Through bootcamps, you can learn the valuable things you need in order to successfully work as a data scientist. In fact, some bootcamps can prepare you to work with some of the largest tech companies in the world, several of which have a base in Houston.


The Three Types of Data Scientists


While data science is used as a general term, there are multiple positions for data scientists. A standard data scientist is a person who creates solutions for various programs and creates programs to analyze data. Data scientists typically use technology such as Python, MongoDB, and Tableau.


A data engineer, on the other hand, is responsible for finding methods used to analyze data. This involves maintaining databases, creating pipelines for storing data, and creating queries for data.


Finally, there are data analysts, which are usually entry-level positions for data scientists. This position mostly involves analyzing data and creating recommendations. The position usually doesn’t involve some of the more technical aspects of working with data.


The Best Data Science Bootcamps in Houston


Finding a bootcamp in Houston for data science means picking a place where you not only learn how to become a successful data scientist but also gain valuable skills in applying for positions and successfully finding employment after you’ve graduated from the course. Below is a list of some of the best data science bootcamps in Houston that will take you from a tech novice to a professional in data science.


Flatiron School


Flatiron School is an immersive, full-time bootcamp that teaches multiple courses, including data science. With a campus located in Houston, the bootcamp has a 15-week program that includes several programs outside of the course itself. Not only will you learn data science, but you will also receive career services and it even offers a money-back guarantee to those that graduate but do not receive a job offer within six months.


General Assembly


General Assembly is one of the highest-rated bootcamps in the United States. There are dozens of campuses located all over the world, one of which is found in Houston. General Assembly offers a variety of programs, which include data science. 


For students to have more opportunities, no matter what schedule they may have, General Assembly offers full-time and part-time courses, both in-person and online. General Assembly is partnered with multiple tech companies, such as Microsoft and Google.




Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp that has multiple programs available. With its campus in Houston, students can learn data science, data analytics, and more. There are bootcamps that last anywhere from one month to seven months long. Students meet experts in the field and learn from the very best, thanks to Thinkful’s commitment to student success.


Throughout the program, students receive a mentor that has experience in the industry. For select courses, students are eligible for their tuition guarantee, where if a student does not find a job within six months of graduating, they receive a refund on their tuition. There are also multiple financing options available, such as income-share agreements, discounts, and even living stipends.


UT Austin Boot Camps


UT Austin Boot Camps is a Houston and Austin coding bootcamp that teaches various courses in UX/UI design, web development, and data analytics. All of its programs provide an immersive and intense educational experience that prepares students for a career in tech. You don’t need prior experience to start the program, but students are tasked with completing pre-course work after they’re admitted.


Rice University Boot Camps


Rice University offers 24-week part-time courses for cybersecurity, financial technology, and data analytics in Houston. Rice University gives students the ability to advance their skills through their part-time programs while still maintaining their work schedule. The curriculum of Rice University Boot Camps is designed around the most in-demand technology positions in the Houston market. These specialized curriculums help people in the Houston area find positions after graduating from the program.


How to Get Started


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Become a data scientist in as little as six months.


If you’ve chosen data science and want to start studying immediately, you can try out any of the Houston data science bootcamps above. Keep in mind that there are several coding bootcamps that are online, as well as in-person, which means you do not have to be local to the area in order to start learning.


For potential students that worry about the cost of tuition, there are many data science bootcamps that provide financial aid or even offer scholarships to minority groups. Make sure to take time and research multiple bootcamps to find the one that works best for you and your situation.

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