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Even under the shadow of other major Texas tech cities, Houston has continued to blossom into the tech hub that it is today. With the help of dedication companies and professionals from across the city, Houston has risen to become a bustling community that is focused on innovation on all levels.


If you’re looking to hone your professional skills and take your career to the next level, you may be wondering where to start. Stick around for the breakdown of the best job training programs in the Houston area. 


Houston’s Tech Scene

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Houston’s tech scene is highly diverse and is only continuing to grow! 


One of the biggest tech cities in the South, Houston, has long been a player in the United State’s professional scene. The city’s economy is bustling thanks to the help of many important industry collaborations and mergers. As a city that is dedicated to innovation and collaboration across industry lines, Houston helps to set a prime example of what true collaboration looks like in the workforce. 


Houston by Numbers 


When you think of major tech cities, you probably think of the Bay Area or New York City. That’s completely valid. However, we encourage you to look past industry norms and take a look at the future of the tech industry. The city of Houston, while not overtly large now, is a perfect model of the future of tech. Houston exemplifies collaboration and innovation at its finest.


As referenced before, Houston is home to a wide variety of unique industries that make the city what it is today. Industries such as construction, aerospace, gas and oil, medicine, and finance work hand in hand with tech to make the city of Houston a better place for everyone. 


The city is currently bustling with activity as these industries work together with tech-minded professionals to produce innovations that can change people’s lives. Why is this important for the tech industry as a whole? Houston is living proof that the tech industry is changing significantly and may not even be an industry on its own anymore. What we mean by that is that the tech industry is becoming so large that it truly isn’t an industry anymore but an integral part of almost every profession in the world. Seriously, look at any profession in the workforce, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a job that hasn’t been affected by tech in some way. 


Best Job Training Programs in Houston


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Check out these job training programs in Houston! 


The city of Houston offers its residents a variety of professional learning opportunities to help them take their careers to the next level. Whether you’re interested in attending a coding bootcamp or you’re looking for a community program, Houston has something for everyone!


Best Houston Coding Bootcamps


Coding bootcamps are great options for students looking to change the world through programming. Some bootcamps are more expensive than others, and each must be researched and decided on based on the individual student’s interests and financial situation. 


1. Flatiron School

Home to both tech startups and industry giants, one thing about Houston is absolutely undisputable, Texas is where tech happens. At Flatiron School Houston, you’ll learn the essentials alongside motivated peers and knowledgeable instructors. There are two different programs offered at Flatiron School Houston. Both of these programs have a total cost of $15,000. Flatiron School also works to help students find jobs after graduation through its career program. 


2. General Assembly

General Assembly is one of the most well-known coding bootcamps in the Houston area. Located in the heart of Houston’s up and coming downtown tech sector, you’ll always have someone to collaborate and innovate with. General Assembly offers a variety of full-time courses both online and in person. All of the full-time immersions run for 10-12 weeks, while the part-time courses run 8-10 weeks. Course prices range from about $14,000 to $16,000. General Assembly prioritizes its job placement program. More than 40,000 coders have graduated General Assembly’s bootcamp. General Assembly collaborates with 10,000 hiring partners around the world.


3. Digital Crafts

DigitalCrafts is a coding bootcamp and software staffing company located in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX. DigitalCrafts offers courses for both individual students and major companies. Located at Houston’s local trendy co-working space ( The Cannon), DigitalCrafts is dedicated to helping students learn by fostering a motivational and productive learning environment. Full-time bootcamp tuition starts at $13,950 while part-time tuition starts at $9,500. Full-time programs last for 16 weeks at a time while part-time flex courses last for 26 weeks total. All students at DigitalCrafts receive career support, which includes portfolio guidance, mock interviews,  and exposure to employer partners.


4. NuCamp

NuCamp is a coding bootcamp that offers night and weekend courses specifically located in under-served tech communities throughout the United States. NuCamp chose Houston as one of its many locations based on the fact that they recognize the potential that Houston holds to become the next major tech hub of America. NuCamp offers a beginner 4-week coding bootcamp, which costs $320, a mid-level 17-week coding bootcamp which costs $1,260, and an advanced 22-week bootcamp which costs $1,620. NuCamp graduates are automatically enrolled in a 6-week career development program that helps graduates connect with employers. 


5. Rice University Bootcamp

Located at Houston’s Rice University, The Susanne M Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has been committed to helping the advancement of coding and tech skills to all tech industry hopefuls. Rice University offers one full-time 12-week coding bootcamp and three part-time 24-week bootcamps. The goal of Rice University’s full-time program is that within 12 weeks, you’ll gain a wide set of technical skills, put them into action, and graduate with an impressive and compelling portfolio of projects. The part-time courses are specifically catered to students who already have day jobs or other pressing obligations. Rice University’s boot camps are supported by a dedicated career services team of experienced industry professionals. Both your Career Director and Portfolio Coach will work to ensure that you are doing everything you can to prepare yourself for success in the tech industry! 


Grants and Free Programs 


These grants and free programs are great ways for students to obtain funding for programs and also obtain free training and other professional services. 


Houston Public Library

The Houston Public Library offers free digital literacy training for adults. The teachings are conducted in both English and Spanish. The training includes MS Office skills, multimedia knowledge, job readiness, and overall digital literacy techniques. 


Houston Community College Programs

Houston Community College offers a variety of free job training programs from CNA certification, welding, computer design, digital drafting, and much more.


Post 9/11 GI Bill

The post 9/11 GI Bill is accepted by a variety of colleges, bootcamps, and other professional education programs.


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Taking the next steps in your career can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you think about all the different educational options out there to choose from! One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for your academic and professional future is to educate yourself on all the different programs available. Staying informed is one of the best ways to “future proof” your education and helps to get you on the best path to success possible.

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