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The tech scene in Houston has been bustling for some time and shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to this major success, professionals in the area are chasing in on the high demand. The tech industry has the potential to bring in big bucks for those willing to make a move to the bustling hub of the South. 


If you’re on the constant grind of job hunting or you’re just curious as to which jobs land developers the most cash, you’ve come to the right place. Stick around while we break down the highest-paying tech jobs in Houston, Texas. 


Houston’s Job Market 



The tech scene in Houston is continuing to grow at lightning speed! 


Before we jump headfirst into the world of numbers, salaries, and benefits, let’s take a step back for a second. As mentioned previously, Houston’s job market has skyrocketed in the past few years. Industries across the board have flocked to the city in search of competent and skilled workers. Houston, in general, is a pretty great location for companies. The local government regularly pushes initiatives to continue the growth of the industry in Houston. 


Houston by Numbers 


Let’s get down to the gritty portion of the Houston conversation, the numbers. Houston has worked over the past decade with local government to increase job opportunities for tech workers in the area. Houston also has one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the city’s workforce compared to other major cities in the US. 


Houston has also long been a hub for all things medical education and innovation. The city houses a branch of one of the largest hospitals in the United States. The city works routinely with the medical and tech industries to create innovations that can save lives! 


The city of Houston is also home to both major corporations and startups alike. Both of these groups do invaluable services for the community and work to strengthen Houston’s economy as a whole. 


Highest Paying Jobs in Houston


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Ready to find your dream job in Houston?


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s dive into the highest paying jobs in Houston! 


1. Data Scientists – $115,000 

It should come as no surprise that data scientists top this list as one of the most lucrative tech positions in all of Houston. These professionals must collect, refine, interpret, and protect data for a company or product. As we live in the digital age, we produce mass amounts of data that must be filtered by data scientists. Companies can then use this data to improve products. 


The average data scientist salary in Houston is $115,000 per year. Data science newbies earn around $90,000. Seasoned Data Scientists earn as much as $148,000 per year. 


2. DevOps Engineers – $113,000 per year

DevOps engineers are one of the lesser-known yet highly valued jobs in the tech industry. These professionals learn both backend and front end coding languages and practices. They then use their skills to ensure that all aspects of programs and applications are running properly. 


The average salary for a DevOps engineer in Houston is $113,000 per year. 


A new DevOps engineer can earn around $48,000. Seasoned DevOps engineers can earn as much as $157,000 per year. 


3. Solutions Architect – $96,000 per year

Solutions architects work to provide timely technical solutions to problems with systems and applications. When there’s a problem, these professionals are called in to make sure everything is running smoothly again. 


Because solutions architects are expected to know a wide variety of skills, they are usually compensated well for their knowledge. The average salary for a solutions architect in Houston is around $96,000 per year. This salary ranges from $80,000 to $140,000 per year based on experience and between companies. 


4. Cyber Security Engineer – $91,000 per year 

Cybersecurity engineers are arguably one of the most critical professionals in the tech industry. These professionals design systems to keep information safe from hackers. These professionals analyze threat levels, prevent and thwart cyberattacks, and routinely maintenance a software’s security features.


The average salary of a cybersecurity engineer in Houston is $92,000. The salary range for this profession in Houston is $77,000 to $105,000 annually.


5. Full Stack Developer – $78,000

As one of the most common and in-demand professions in the tech industry, full stack developers are responsible for most of the applications and software you use daily. Full stack developers have impacted even the webpage you’re reading right now.


So, who are these mythical technical masterminds behind the tech industry? Full stack developers understand both frontend and backend coding concepts. That means they can build the side of programs that people actually see and interact with (client-side), as well as the side that communicates with servers and keeps everything running(server-side).


The average salary for a full stack developer in Houston is around $78,000 per year. Salaries range from $55,000 to $97,000 per year.


6. Application Developer – $70,000 

Applications are also a major part of our lives as technical individuals. Application developers work to create a variety of programs, including shopping sites, mobile games, streaming services, and much more. Application developers are in constant high demand as the user side of the tech scene is continuing to grow! 


The average salary for an application developer in Houston, Texas, is around $70,000 per year. The high end of this industry is around $130,000 per year, while the low end is $61,000 per year. 


How Does This Benefit You? 


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What does this mean for your professional life?


The world of tech both in Houston and beyond is changing at lightning speed. What’s in demand today may be obsolete tomorrow. As such, finding a job that’s both stable and provides good compensation is becoming increasingly complicated in this day and age. 


What can you do to set yourself up for success? If you’re looking to obtain employment in the tech industry, whether it’s in Houston or anywhere else, there are many things you can keep in mind to help yourself succeed. 


  1. While compensation is nice, it’s not necessarily everything. When looking at potential job prospects, keep in mind that your happiness and mental health at a company is just as important as the amount of money you’re bringing home. In the end, a happy employee usually makes more money in the long run anyway!
  2. Finding a job with potential upward mobility is also a great thing to keep in mind. Everyone’s goals are different, and while I encourage you not to plan the next 30 years of your life in advance, it’s always a good idea to think about what you may want to do next. If you want to level-up, find a company that promotes from within. Likewise, you can always jump from company to company in search of a promotion. Never be afraid to do what’s best for you! 
  3. If you’re flexible with your career requirements at first, you can benefit in the long run. While the careers on this list are great, they’re only a few of the thousands of types of tech jobs in the world. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may make some friends, money, and memories in the process! 

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