Most In-Demand Skills in Houston


The city of Houston, Texas has long been a hub for all things tech-related. The city is often compared to its other in-state sister cities, Austin and Dallas. While those cities are also known for being major players in the tech industry, Houston takes the tech world and makes it even more unique by catering to companies that don’t fall under the category of “traditional” tech companies. 


As we dive into the current state of Houston’s intricate tech scene, it’s important to see the real change that’s happening here. The city of Houston is breaking down tech stereotypes and transcending industry lines to take the world of tech far beyond what it used to be. 


If you’re interested in breaking into Houston’s tech scene and making real change in this bustling city, be sure to stick around for the details on the most in-demand skills in the Houston area! 


A Brief Overview of Houston


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Houston is a lively and innovative city with beautiful surroundings!


As referenced above, the city of Houston is growing faster than ever before. The entire city seems committed to innovation at all levels and this commitment shines through with partnerships in some pretty amazing industries. 


When you first think about the city of Houston, it may be hard to picture it in the same light as other major tech hubs in the United States. Even its sister city of Austin, Texas has seen some major tech action over the past decade, with the city garnering so much attention that it was given the nickname “Silicon Hills”. Even though Houston may not have earned a nickname (yet), tech hopefuls would be wise not to discount the city too early. 


Houston’s tech industry has shone through in ways much different from the regular tech mainstream. While the city may not have garnered the attention of major tech industry giants, Houston has managed to attract major corporations from the aerospace, energy, and oil industries. 


Arguably one of the biggest draws of the city is Houston’s close connection with NASA. The city has had many contracts with the corporation and currently houses one of the biggest research centers and testing facilities in the US. Aside from a strong commitment to aerospace engineering, Houston is also committed to renewable energy. 


As referenced earlier, Houston has long been a major player in the natural gas and oil industries, partially due to the city’s geographical location. Houston has taken major advantage of this and has worked hard to accommodate and innovate with various energy companies that have set up shop across the city. 


While that was definitely a long lesson on the current work scene in Houston metro area, it’s important to take away one major thing from all this info. Houston really is a city defined by tech, that tech just manifests throughout other industries. This is the future of the tech industry as we know it. Houston is a perfect example of a city that is empowered by change and working towards continuing industry mergers and collaboration across traditional industry lines. 


Most In-Demand Tech Skills


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Check out these in-demand tech skills! 


So, with all that said, you’re probably ready to dive into the info you clicked on this article for. In order to better streamline the learning process, we’ve decided to break down everything you need to know into two categories: specific tech skills and jobs where those tech skills are needed. 


As you’ll soon find out upon learning a technical skill, once you know how to do a certain technical thing, it can be translated to a variety of jobs. The tech industry is highly diverse and some jobs are currently more in demand than others. Staying educated on what’s currently “in”, is a great way to stay ahead of the game and start your tech career off on the right foot! So, let’s dive into the most in-demand tech skills! 


In-Demand Coding Languages:


1. SQL

This programming language which is used to manage databases is currently in very high demand on account of the huge number of data-centered tech jobs available. The acronym SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”. 


2. Python

Python is hailed as one of the most commonly known coding languages in the world. The language is highly versatile and user-friendly, it’s commonly used for a variety of programs!


3. JavaScript

Yet another one of the most common coding languages in the tech world. JavaScript is primarily used for frontend or “ the user side” of programs. This means that JavaScript is usually the code that makes what we see on the user side of things appear on this screen. This language is also highly popular with text-based websites such as blogs or online news platforms. 


4. Java

Java has remained a popular coding mainstay in the industry for some time. This coding language is used for a variety of applications and is currently one of the most popular programming languages across Android platforms.


5. C++

C++ is commonly known as one of the “old school” coding languages, however, this programming language still has a lot to offer today. C++ is used for a variety of applications and has become a common coding language for game development.


General High Demand Tech Skills: 


1. .NET 

This coding framework is commonly learned in conjunction with a variety of other coding languages. The framework is used to develop a variety of software and applications.


2. Oracle

Yet another data-centered application, Oracle is an online database that is primarily used to store and retrieve information for a variety of programs and applications. The system has gained much popularity due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


3. Git

Git is a type of version control system or VCS, which is used to track the changes that are made to files. The coding system is especially useful when pair programming or working on a project with a highly extensive programming process. Github is commonly referenced with Git. Github is an online hosting service that acts as a place where people can access their Git repositories to track and share the changes made to their code.


4. Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is often argued to be one of the biggest keys to the future of the tech industry. The process of machine learning is the act of working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to teach systems to learn and grow as they gain more experiences within programs. Machine Learning is a skill that is often learned in conjunction with other coding languages.


5. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is an online cloud services platform that offers a variety of services including computing power, data storage, and more. Many companies make use of AWS programs and likewise they require developers to understand the inner workings of the service.


Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Houston


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Check out these in-demand jobs in Houston! 


Now that we’ve covered a ton of tech skills, you’re probably wondering how learning any of these skills will land you a job. That’s where the demand for certain tech jobs comes in. Check out the current most in-demand tech jobs in Houston and how these stack up when compared to the most in-demand general tech skills.


1. Software Engineer

Software Engineers are already one of the most in-demand positions throughout the tech industry, so it’s no surprise that this profession would rank first in the technologically advanced city of Houston. Software Engineers work with a wide variety of different tech programs and need a wide set of skills to prevail. Major skills of Software Engineers include programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and many more. Software Engineers may also be proficient in Git, .NET, SQL, and other technical applications.


2. .Net Developer

As the name may suggest, .Net Developers spend a ton of time focusing on .Net systems. These developers work to develop and design a variety of software applications. .Net Developers must have a working knowledge of a variety of coding languages and other technical frameworks.


3. Full-Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers have one of the most technically diverse jobs throughout the industry. These professionals must have an understanding of both frontend coding languages such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript as well as back-end programming languages such as Python, Java, and Ruby. Full Stack Developers are consistently in high demand due to their ability to build comprehensive and functional programs.


4. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are yet another tech job that is constantly in high demand due to the increasing usage of data based programs throughout the tech industry. Data Scientists use a variety of skills to manage, sort, and refine data. These skills include SQL, Python, Machine Learning, and more.


5. Cloud Engineer 

Cloud Engineers are another profession that focuses on the management of data systems. As cloud storage continues to grow, the demand for qualified professionals with a working knowledge of the Cloud continues to grow. Cloud Engineers use a variety of skills including Machine Learning, SQL, Oracle, and more.


It’s important to keep in mind that these are just five of the potentially thousands of different tech jobs in the city of Houston. It’s also important to remember that every tech job is different and that some skills may be used more than others throughout your profession. It’s always a good idea to check with potential employers and teachers in regards to which tech skills may be the best to learn for your specific job title.


Ready to Take Action?


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Ready to begin your own tech journey?


I won’t sugarcoat it, that was a ton of information to process! The truth is, the tech industry is huge! This article doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the different tech-oriented skills to learn out there.


While that may seem overwhelming at first, once you’ve gotten educated about which skills are worth your time to learn, things will get a whole lot simpler. Success in the tech industry is all about being educated and knowing what you want to learn.


Remember to stay informed and keep up to date with the latest technologies throughout the industry. These coding skills and languages may be in demand today but obsolete tomorrow! The beauty of the tech industry is, there’s always something new to learn! 

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