Top Startups to Watch Houston

Houston’s startup ecosystem has scaled fast and big this year. Houston has more than 3,000 technology startups that bring an innovative approach in their respective field. But this has been happening for several years. According to Hexgn’s report, Houston’s startups brought over a billion dollars in 2018. So what are the main Houston, Texas startups that are shaping the future? Let us find out.




GoCo’s team gathers for a group photo


According to a Forbes report on the best HR software, GoCo is “as far as all-in-one HR platform goes, is your best bet”.

When it comes to building a successful company, many crucial aspects need to be optimized, and one of those is human resources. GoCo is a company that has an intuitive platform to manage internal HR processes. GoCo can handle hiring, onboarding, tax forms and much more. One of the most outstanding features of GoCo is you can sync existing payrolls. GoCo’s mission is to help HR departments spend less time on manual employee management tasks so they can focus on growing happier, more productive teams.




m1neral's homepage


m1neral allows buyers and sellers in the energy industry close deals faster and better than ever.

Selling and buying minerals and royalties should be as simple as real estate transactions but in reality, it is not like that. There is not much accessible information, and when there is, data is too complex to understand. Until now.


m1neral, an oil and gas company, has created an intuitive technology platform to optimize the mineral acquisition process. Its platform is a cloud-based software that allows buyers to research opportunities and connect with service providers and sellers. m1neral uses artificial intelligence and workflow automation to optimize the process.


Lazarus 3D


Lazarus 3D president and founder Dr. Jacques Zaneveld


Lazarus 3D offers the best way to learn new surgical procedures and practice for a complex operation.

Lazarus 3D brings an innovative solution that changes the way doctors practice surgical procedures. To have an error-free way for doctors to hone their skills is crucial for the healthcare dynamic since their patients rely on them.


The tech company utilizes a potent and versatile 3D printer to create realistic copies of patients’ body parts in a short time. A doctor can have a ready to use model by the next day after he sends the patient’s data. The copies can come from their MRI or CT data, creating an accurate, realistic and efficient model that doctors can use to explore a patient’s condition in advance.


Lazarus 3D might be changing the future of surgical medical procedures by minimizing errors and reducing costs. However, the most important aspect is to improve the patient’s outcomes.


Beacon Clinics


Beacon Clinics’ logo


Beacon Clinics “light the way to revitalize primary care in America”.

Some allergy patients suffer from their conditions for their whole life. Sometimes they are not able to enjoy some aspects of their lives, such as eating their favorite dish because it contains an ingredient that affects their health. That is why Beacon Clinics provides ancillary allergy immunotherapy services to patients to improve quality of life.


Beacon Clinics’ goal is to free patients from having to ingest antihistamines, steroids, and any other medicine to treat allergies. The company does so by eliminating the disease that causes them.




The MALK team gathers for a group photo


“At MALK, we take great pride in manufacturing a product that families can trust.”

MALK is a top leading organic beverage company in the country. This Houston-based startup is a plant-based milk company that scales fast in the market due to its varied ingredients and innovation. MALK’s beverages are organic and clean, so instead of negatively affecting consumer’s health with large amounts of fat and sugar, MALK only uses natural and healthy ingredients that will improve customers’ quality of life.


MALK was founded by August Vega, who suffered from a dairy allergy, which made it hard for her to digest most food and beverage. This condition also affected her son, so she decided to do something about their situation. The idea of creating a healthier alternative soon became a reality. MALK’S ingredients do not contain any harmful ingredients, synthetic vitamins, additives, or carrageenan.




TUYA’S mobile platform next to a smiling man standing outside a truck


Since its inception in 2015, TUYA founders have invested $12.5 million of their own capital and raised an additional $20 million.

B2B same-day delivery has historically been a fragmented and cumbersome process. The industry has stagnated to give senders the control, convenience, and communication necessary for modern business. 


Not anymore. 


TUYA’s innovative digital platform revolutionizes on-demand delivery for business by connecting users directly to delivery professionals – giving businesses the ability to select drivers, create their virtual fleets and receive real-time tracking updates. TUYA is used statewide by more than 500 registered customers and 170 independent delivery professionals, with more than 3,500 deliveries completed weekly. The Houston-based company currently has 135 employees and continues to grow.




Sourcewater’s team gathers for a group photo


“Sourcewater is the water exchange for the energy ecosystem.”

Water management is the single largest operating cost for most oil wells, especially in the Permian Basin of West Texas where oil wells typically produce about eight times as much water as oil over the life of the well.  In a market where most producing wells are lucky to break even, water management is the only big place to cut operating cost quickly without damaging company prospects in the future by deferring maintenance or laying off staff. Sourcewater shows operators and services companies exactly where that cost savings can be achieved.

Sourcewater, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is the leading digital platform for oilfield water intelligence. Sourcewater shows where oilfield water comes from and goes to on the surface and in the subsurface of the Permian Basin and other U.S. shale plays, thereby helping oilfield operators reduce their single largest operating cost and helping oilfield services companies find the best opportunities for new business. The company is pioneering geospatial data engineering, satellite imagery analytics, and advanced geoscience insights to help the world’s top E&P, oilfield services, and energy investment companies make the best operational, business development, and investment decisions. Sourcewater launched from MIT’s Energy Ventures program in 2014 and has received six U.S. patents for its satellite imagery AI/ML and data science methods. 


Gulf Coast Pixel


Gulf Coast Pixel’s founders, Jenn Slayton and Alex Slayton


Do you need a digital content solution? Gulf Coast Pixel might be the solution.

Gulf Coast Pixel is a digital marketing agency that aims to provide the most efficient solutions for its customers. From building a website to SaaS development, Gulf Coast Pixel can work on any project for your company’s digital needs. Gulf Coast Pixel provides knowledge, education, and expertise to its clients so they can scale their potential and become successful in the digital arena. Gulf Coast Pixel also offers content marketing and SEO services.


Do Amore


Do Amore’s team gathers for a group photo


Do Amore is the first ethically driven jewelry company with a good social purpose; to help reduce the global water crisis.

Do Amore is a luxury jewelry company that has a social mission: to help people in need have access to clean water. This initiative started when founder Krish Himmatramka wanted to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend at the time. But he knew that most companies that produced engagement rings were related to conflict groups or their components were illegally traded. 


That is why he decided to create a conflict-free and ethically jewellery design company, where people could buy their engagement rings for their loved ones without any connection to conflicts. Also, every ring that you buy at Do Amore helps reduce the global water crisis.




SubScreener's homepage

David Lim and Neal Bonrud formed SubScreener to help builders screen subcontractors. 

SubScreener screens subcontractors nationwide by leveraging a multitude of public and proprietary databases. It identifies financial, civil, and criminal records of subcontractors, helping builders enlist the right one.


SubScreener, an InfoSource service, is a construction tech company designed to help general contractors screen and select the right subcontractor. Many general contractors believe in their subcontractors’ ability to do their job at face value. All too often, it turns out to be the complete opposite. Many of them will have a history of poor performance. Some of them will even go as far as forming new companies to mask their previous unscrupulous and illegal behavior. This ultimately causes time delays, shoddy work, and drains financial resources. SubScreener solves this problem by digging up dirt on a subcontractor before a builder decides to put them on their project.


P97 Networks


P97’s team working at the office


P97 is the best way to create brand loyalty for your fuel company.

P97 Networks is a company that provides cloud-based mobile solutions for your fuel company. P97 Networks’ engagement platform, PetroZone, can provide easy operations for your customers and keep them coming back. With this app, you can create personalized offers for your customers and guide them right to your business. 


But how does P97 create brand loyalty? By creating convenient operations for your customers. P97’s mobile commerce platform works with a geo-location-based software that allows customers to find the nearest station, activate their pump and pay without even getting out of their vehicles. Payments are made through a secure cloud payment which creates the most convenient customer experience.


Cemvita Factory


Cemvita Factory’s team


Cemvita Factory is here to transform the way companies utilize CO2.

Cemvita Factory is an oil and gas company that aims to transform the way that oil and gas companies utilize their CO2 components. CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a component that negatively affects the environment and has caused major damages to our planet. That is why Cemvita Factory is working for an economically and sustainable solution for companies to reduce the emissions of CO2. 


According to Cemvita Factory’s website, its technology mimics photosynthesis to produce chemical intermediates and polymers and these valuable chemicals can be used in every industry, from agriculture to industrial chemicals.


Houston Young Professionals


Houston Young Professionals team

Houston Young Professionals is the best source for young professionals to find networking events.

Houston Young Professionals is a company founded by Fred Goerges to create a place where young professionals in Houston can find the best network events. Houston Young Professionals offers a great opportunity for these professionals to find networking opportunities to help them scale in their careers from the early stages.


There are many types of events that you can post or assist by using Houston Young Professionals, which include fundraising, networking, social meetings, and others. Houston Young Professionals also has a section for job postings so companies can find the best talents and young professionals can see job opportunities. 


Identity Automation


Identity Automation’s team gathers for a group photo


Identity Automation’s mission is to make it easy for organizations to scale, embrace security, and to limit risks.

Identity Automation is one of the top leading software companies in Houston. RapidIdentity, the company’s flagship tool, helps companies streamline security operations for top-notch company protection, especially in terms of data breaches. The company works with the education sector, government departments and private businesses who want a high-quality protection experience.


RapidIdentity is a cloud-based technology that makes it an intuitive tool for managers and employees to monitor company security operations. Identity Automation’s tool is one of the easiest and most effective technological tools for data security.




Timbergrove’s team in a business meeting


Timbergrove’s mission is to solve business complexity and shorten product time to market with innovative and easy to use technology.

Timbergrove is a tech company here to solve complex business problems through innovation. Have you ever dreamed of a smart workplace? One that could use technology to automatically manage the temperature of offices based on comfort and reducing energy expenses. Timbergrove applies integrated hardware and software tools to create and IoT-driven workspace. Besides IoT technology, Timbergrove also works with big data and cognitive computing. 


Timbergrove is an IBM Advanced Business Partner which allows it to be one of the leading companies in big data and cognitive computing. Some of Timbergrove’s projects include enterprise asset management, IoT technology, business process management, service-oriented architecture, and big data analytics.’s team in a business meeting helps you reduce human error, provide you accurate ownership and faster acquisition.

Asset risk is something that companies cannot afford to deal with since it can significantly affect your business’ dynamic. is a company that aims to help mitigate asset risk by using auto-calculation to accurately circulate data across your company. works fast and efficiently, which allows the company to have a seamless process and error-free result. Tracts Title Management Software will allow you to reduce the possibility of title defects.


Syzygy Plasmonics


Syzygy Plasmonics’ team gathers for a group photo


Syzygy Plasmonics’ technology is developed at Rice University.

Syzygy Plasmonics reduces the costs of chemical production and damaging emissions. Through the conversion of catalysts to photocatalysts, Syzygy Plasmonics can develop efficient chemical reactors that work by using light instead of burning fuel. Syzygy Plasmonics’ photocatalysts can perform several chemical reactions. That is why it is considered one of the best options in the market. 


Syzygy Plasmonics is currently planning to use photocatalytic steam methane reforming to create hydrogen gas, which is a relatively new innovative fuel. Hydrogen gas is eco-friendly and currently already being distributed in several stations of the country. Syzygy Plasmonics’ new method of producing hydrogen gas is revolutionary and cost-effective.


Proxima Clinical Research


Proxima Clinical Research’s team gathers for a group photo


Proxima Clinical Research is the partner that biotech companies need in every stage of their growth process.

Corporations and smaller companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industry have always worked alongside contract research organizations to develop products. Small businesses come up with great ideas but often face financial and operational challenges big companies do not.


Proxima Clinical Research can be the partner smaller businesses need by guiding them through challenges from the beginning. Proxima Clinical Research can help create that first contact with investors and work with clinical trials. Proxima Clinical Research can help you prepare your regulatory submissions.




Webinopoly's homepage

Webinopoly is an award-winning agency that provides innovative solutions to clients.

Webinopoly is a one-stop solution for all website management related tasks. They offer services in web hosting, web designing, contact management, social media, SEO, mobile applications, graphic designing, and many more.


One of the aspects that differentiate this agency from others is its approach to simple and cost-effective business plans. Webinopoly offers several services from its umbrella brand, Apple Tech, which provides them an intuitive communication process with its clients.




2nd.MD’s team gathers from a group photo


2nd.MD offers a revolutionary way to have a second opinion from a certified physician from the comfort of your home.

2nd.MD is a telemedicine company that aims to help people connect with the specialized physician they need. 2nd.MD is the best way to get a second opinion from an expert because you do not have to leave your house; you can connect with any specialist for a virtual appointment at any time. You will just have to schedule the appointment on 2nd.MD’s platform and have the help you need.


The company has more than 350 certified specialists with years of experience. 2nd.MD has 30 specialties that you can choose from depending on your diagnosis. It also has 240 sub-specialties.


2nd.MD can provide you with a referral for local doctors in your community so they can be contacted in case you need an in-person appointment. If your company does not provide you with any telemedicine service, you can contact your human resources department to request them to connect with 2nd.MD or consult directly with the company.



EDGY’s logo


Edgy Labs is an SEO incubator, forecaster, and support center for deep learning, technological advancement, and enterprise-level end-to-end search products. 

EDGY is a company whose mission is to change the SEO and content creation dynamic. CTO Alexander de Ridder, CEO Michael Umansky, and CRO Gary Haymann founded EDGY to create a more intuitive way to help companies create engaging content that would rank on Google. Its flagship tool, INK for ALL, uses artificial intelligence to understand how Google interprets content, how your competitors rank on search and how you can provide your audience with the content they want to see.


Edgy is currently working with some of the biggest brands in the world to create powerful content and drive a good level of traffic. EDGY’s Blog was the first lab they used to test SEO techniques and strategies. Through this blog, they discovered some of the most efficient techniques that would make them rank quickly. Something interesting that proves this is that EDGY’s first post on this blog brought an incredible amount of traffic. After a year, EDGY had 100,000 organic visitors per month.


EDGY is a startup with incredible growth in three years, converting their initial idea into a multi-million-dollar company. EDGY also created a life-saving tool for content creators. Writers usually spend a significant amount of time and effort on their content, but this is often left behind and their audience does not get to see it.




Kinkō’s leaders


Kinkō is an innovative tech company that uses probiotics and postbiotics to control body odor.

Kinkō™ is a new brand of personal care products that work in harmony with your skin’s microbiome, balancing the naturally present bacteria for better overall skin health. Launching first with the Microbiomix™ Balancing Deodorant, the science-based and patent-pending formulas are body responsive, regulating your skin’s pH and keeping you odor-free.  


Kinkō works with probiotic and postbiotic components that regulate your body’s natural smell to prevent odor. Kinkō is made with smart ingredients that will not harm your body and products not tested on animals.




Avera360IT's homepage

Avera360IT is a potent startup that’s scaling in the IT industry.

Avera360IT is a company that strives to be a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs. The company provides support, service, custom applications, website builds, and PC repairs. They offer a personal approach to the small and medium businesses than bigger corporations can offer. They also offer services to residential customers as well. 


Avera360IT is a small business that provides the same services as the bigger companies in the Houston area for about 30 percent less.


Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics


Flutura’s team members on a group photo


In Gartner’s Voice of customer report for IIOT platforms, Flutura received the highest overall ratings among the competition.

Flutura provides verticalized Artificial Intelligence solutions through its proprietary Industrial IoT Platform Cerebra across O&G value chain, process manufacturing, and heavy machinery industries. Flutura’s vision is to unlock a billion dollars of industrial outcomes by 2024 and empower 100,000 engineers through reliable and timely decisions. Flutura was founded on the core principles of Trust and Transformation.


Flutura believes in everlasting relationships with its teams, customers, and partners with trust at its core. Flutura’s employees have many perks and benefits that include flexible work hours, tailored skilling programs, work from home opportunities, and maternity and paternity leave. They also offer a two-month training program for recruits.




Ahmed Bayonle Arashi Founder of ScoutBallers


ScoutBallers’ platform has 3,128 players and agents. 

ScoutBallers’ mission is to be a bridge between African soccer players and colleges, agents, scouts, and club managers in countries like the US and Australia. Players can open a profile for free with ScoutBallers and upload videos, stats, and photos to connect with recruiters. ScoutBallers’ unique concept is to help players from African descent to connect with the world. ScoutBallers accept both male and female players and help them produce a recruitment video.


Annapurna Solutions


Jan Naidu, founder of Annapurna Solutions


Annapurna Solutions has vast expertise helping organizations overcome the complexities of the Big Data stack.

The world is growing and about 3.5 billion people now live in cities. Ninety-five percent of urban expansion is set to occur in the developing world, with another 833 million otherwise left to live in sprawling slums. Sustainable cities and communities goals were set to ensure everyone has access to safe and affordable housing and access to basic services like water sanitation and transportation. 


Annapurna Solutions’ mission is to inspire healthier communities by providing software solutions to promote sustainability, solid waste management and fleet management for smart cities. Employees have benefits that include an opportunity to create and promote mindful living, consumption and fuel, energy efficiencies, remote working, and to be an engaged contributor to sustainable development.


Rigby Home


Rigby Home’s founder Sara Kelly


Rigby designs are crafted and hand-finished in Portugal, and a small-batch production at hand-selected factories ensures premium quality for each piece.

Rigby is a direct-to-consumer startup offering tableware essentials designed to add a sense of delight to everyday moments and to encourage individuals in all life stages to be at home with the present. Rigby’s modern dishware, glassware, and flatware fit seamlessly into the routine of everyday life, whether that entails picking up takeout for dinner or preparing a three-course meal. In an industry that focuses on special occasions, wedding registries, and Instagram-worthy table spreads, Rigby is a casual, stylish alternative that embraces the imperfect realities of daily life.




Curenav’s logo


Curenav’s app is designed for patients to use on their own healthcare sponsor.

Curenav’s mission is to help solve the greatest pains of cancer patients: knowledge. With Curenav’s mobile app, patients can keep all the information about their disease organized in one place. The platform allows you to keep clinical and personal observations, track incremental changes, and it makes reports and a timeline of all the events as you fight a disease. Another plus is that patients can track symptoms, vitals, energy and mood levels then generate reports to share with healthcare providers.


Curenav was founded by Crystal Christmas, and she came up with the idea after countless research when her husband died of cancer. She realized the biggest problem with cancer is late detection. She created a tool that would prevent this from happening again, and Curenav was born.


Bayou City Lab


Bayou City Lab logo

BCL Studio helps with market research, concept validation, strategy, and company formation.

Bayou City Lab is a startup studio and venture capital fund founded in 2018. Its mission is to champion the next generation of entrepreneurs by bringing together world-class design/technology talent, big ideas, and investment capital. BCL offers two services, one for people who want to build a product with BCL Studio, and the other for people who already have a prototype or MVP and are looking for investors through BCL Ventures.



The Now IMS logo


Now IMS helps you keep in one place data logs, team communication, and important documents.

Now IMS is a real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden your team to handle incidents in real-time. Now IMS platform clients can create logbooks, teams, real-time communications, and real-time insights. Now IMS was built to be intuitive, adaptive and, needless to say, so much easier to use than systems of the past.


HTX Labs


HTX Labs team members at the office


HTX Labs engineering team uses the latest software construction methodologies.

HTX Labs’ mission is to create high-quality immersive experiences to elevate training and preparedness in the workforce, the military and in communities. HTX Labs values are commitment, resilience, courage, accountability, humility, adaptability and integrity. HTX Labs’ employees have great benefits and perks like a casual professional environment to foster teamwork and creative problem solving, comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits, generous paid time off, nine paid company holidays, and flexible work hours.




Oil and gas workers discussing


Ninety-five percent of Petrolessons’ courses are made up of video lectures available on-demand anywhere anytime. 

Petrolessons’ mission is to close the skill gap in the oil and gas industry. The company works with professionals, operators and service companies to curate, aggregate and accelerate knowledge distribution. 


Petrolessons values accelerating knowledge, accessibility, relevance, career development, and innovation. Petrolessons offers courses in geosciences, geopolitics, business, petrophysics, and many more. Petrolessons was founded in 2014 by Braulio Perdigao when he decided to create a central hub where knowledge and industry experience can easily be shared.




Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System


Saranas’ technology allows for rapid detection and monitoring of bleeding complications.

Saranas is a healthcare company, and its main product is the Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System. The Early Bird is a vascular access sheath with embedded sensors that measure the electrical resistance across the blood vessel. The system works by detecting and monitoring bleeding from a blood vessel accidentally injured during endovascular procedures. The Early Bird allows physicians to become aware of internal bleeding before patients present with symptoms, which can lead to improved patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs..


Elliot Systems


Elliot Systems’ monitoring system


Elliot Systems’ customers benefit from the company’s expertise in embedded programming, edge computing data acquisition, data transfer, and IoT protocols.

Elliot Systems’ mission is to help companies achieve top-line growth, bottom-line savings and gain a competitive advantage through the use of IoT technology. Elliot Systems’ expertise is in developing cloud and mobile applications, deploying applications to the cloud, and drafting a UI/UX strategy. Elliot Systems’ services are Digital Transformation that provides tools for industries to start the transformation journey, IOT/Industry 4.0 Implementation to start the process of automation with the IoT, and Testing, Validation and Verification.




Outklip logo


With Outklip, you can share the Outklip video link or upload straight to YouTube, it is not necessary to download the video.

Outklip offers its customers a cloud-based screen, voice and camera recorder. The Outklip platform offers a free version with unlimited 10 minute videos and for longer videos clients can pay a subscription of $5 for five Pro videos or $7 per month with different benefits. Outklip camera records videos with 4K resolution and voice narration. Customers can later share the link or upload their videos on YouTube. Also, clients can edit their videos on the Outklip platform and share it with just one click.


Water Lens


Water Lens' logo


Water Lens is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the $10B water testing industry.

Water Lens offers real-time water testing for those that use large quantities of water like oil and gas and the agriculture industry. The Water Lens service is extremely time-efficient with tests done in just ten minutes Water Lens enables real-time decisions and simultaneously tests 27 parameters. It is fast, accurate, easy to use and companies can save money.


K Business Solutions


K Business Solutions team


K Business Solutions has been building brands and marketing for hundreds of individuals and companies since 2007.

K Business Solutions’ mission is to provide the most efficient, most detailed and accurate, most creative and most reliable solutions possible. This design company walks clients through the process of building a brand and maintain a digital presence. K Business Solutions’ services include SEO practices, Google 360 virtual tours, complete branding, hosting and domains, website, portals, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, and application development.




BIITLab's homepage


With BIITLab you can create seamless relationships between the different software components your business is using.

BIITLab’s mission is to enhance morale, innovation, and daily operations by harnessing the power of business intelligence to help you reach your maximum potential. Biitlab offers modern, strategic, and innovative IT solutions to help your organization maximize potential and productivity. BIITLab’s services include dashboard and data visualization, process automation, system integration, data strategy and architecture, and custom software. 




HayMap app


HayMap has become the go-to spot for hay buyers and sellers to connect.

HayMap is a marketplace for people to sell and buy hay. HayMap offers a mobile app for Android and iOS, where users can look for hay sellers for geographical zones. The process is easy; you look for the hay, place an order, and release the payment. Sellers can upload images and details about the quantity, prices, business hours, and so on. Clients can also locate the nearest balers, rakes, cutters, and mowers.




Onit’s ELM solution


Onit’s contract lifecycle management solution creates a simple and reliable process for getting new contracts into the system.

Eric Elfman and Eric Smith founded Onit in 2011 as a company developing its legal project management software. Today Onit has grown into a pool of the smartest minds in the industry, and the software has evolved—bridging the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement.


Onit helps the way Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar legal departments drive operational and process improvements. The company helps customers identify efficient gains, reduce costs, and promptly complete transactions.




kids working on computers

SmartProfyl is redistributing knowledge and disrupting education by making sure that every ‘student’ has access to education.


COVID-19 not only changed the way people work and communicate but also the way education should be delivered. This puts SmartProfyl in a position to capitalize on a demanding need.


SmartProfyl is redistributing knowledge and disrupting education by making sure that every ‘student’ has access to education. The company uses a patent-pending content distribution channel that can assure tailored education content can reach students using both online and offline technologies, no matter how remote.  

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