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While sometimes outshined by other major tech players in the area, Houston has been working hard to make a name for itself in the tech industry and beyond. One of the biggest things that makes Houston so unique is the fact that the city is a major hub for collaboration across industry lines. 

As we’ll soon explain, Houston’s changing tech scene impacted many jobs across the city. If you’re looking to call the innovative city of Houston home, you may be wondering which tech jobs offer the highest payout. Stick around for all the info you need on the top tech salaries in Houston, Texas. 

Tech Job Trends in Houston

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The tech scene in Houston is continuing to grow! 

Houston has long been a city of economic determination. From small startups to major corporations, the city of Houston is dedicated to prosperity and innovation at all levels. The city is one of the biggest aerospace and petroleum cities of the world. How much prosperity does Houston enjoy? Let’s get into the numbers! 

Houston by Numbers 

While sometimes outshined by Austin, Dallas, and other tech cities, Houston has worked hard to become a tech powerhouse in its own right. As referenced before, Houston is more than a single-industry city. In fact, Houston is a perfect example of tech mergers across industry lines. 

Houston is home to a major gas and oil industry. Companies such as Chevron, Shell, and more have major offices in Houston. While at first glance, you may wonder how this industry has interacted with tech. The truth is, there are many tech innovations that have helped change the way the gas and oil industry works. From working to create a more environmentally conscious region to improving the safety of workers, the tech and chemical industries worked together and created many important innovations. 

Houston is also home to one of the biggest aerospace industries in the world. Houston’s tech industry has continuously benefited from collaborations with NASA and other aerospace corporations. 

From a worker standpoint, Houston is a very economically friendly city to live in. Housing prices are as low as $300,000, which is significantly lower than other major cities. Proportionally, the average tech worker salary of $53,000 makes the city affordable. 

Salary Breakdowns

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These are just a few of the many career options in Houston. 

After seeing firsthand the success of Houston’s economy, we can finally look at the tech jobs that make Houston’s tech industry so successful. Let’s explore the top tech salaries in Houston. 

1. Data Scientists – $115,000 

Given that the word “data” is in the job title, you’d be right to suspect that this job position requires spending a lot of time sorting, collecting, and refining information. Companies all across the world collect enormous amounts of data every day. It’s the job of a data scientist to make sense of it all, and to refine the systems that collect and process it. 

With so much data in the tech world, it only makes sense that this position is in high demand all around the city of Houston.

The average data scientist salary in Houston is $115,000 per year. Entry-level data scientists earn around $90,000, while experienced professionals earn $148,000 or more. 

2. DevOps Engineers – $113,000 per year

Considered to be a ‘jack of all trades’ by some, DevOps engineers do everything from refining databases to coding algorithms. DevOps engineers go through a variety of training to prepare for their roles, and as such, they’re compensated accordingly. 

The average salary for a DevOps Engineer in Houston is $113,000 per year. Entry-level DevOps engineers earn $48,000, while seasoned professionals make $157,000 or more. 

3. Solutions Architect – $96,000 per year

Although a lesser known (yet essential) profession, solutions architects work to ensure that all systems within an organization are running smoothly. Solutions architects collaborate with teams to ensure all aspects of a project are on target. 

The average salary for a Solutions Architect in Houston is around $96,000 per year. Entry-level solutions architect salaries start at $80,000, and experienced professionals earn upwards of $140,000 annually. 

4. Cyber Security Engineer – $91,000 per year 

Cybersecurity engineers are tasked with protecting the hard work of other software developers. From ethical hacking to redesigning security systems, cybersecurity engineers do it all. 

Cybersecurity engineers in Houston make an average of $92,000 annually. The starting salary for a cybersecurity engineers is around $77,000, while experienced professionals can expect to earn $105,000 or more. 

5. Software Developers – $79,000

As one of the most popular jobs in the tech industry is software development. These professionals are essentially the bread and butter of the tech world as we know it. Software developers are responsible for the software that runs our computers, cars, factories, power plants, hospitals, and more. Software developers play an important role in building the vital software we take for granted in our daily lives. 

It’s no wonder that the demand for software developers is high in Houston. With the ever changing climate of the tech industry, an increasing number of companies are looking to boost their online presence with the help of qualified and creative software developers. 

The average software developer in Houston earns just under $79,000 per year. Salaries start at $60,000, though experienced programmers earn upwards $108,000 annually. 

6. UX/UI Design – $77,000 per year 

When you encounter an attractive and functional website, thank a UX/UI designer. Many people take the internet for granted. It’s important to realize how much work is required to produce an online application that’s easy to use and visually appealing. Over the years, a lot has changed about the way tech looks and functions. Progress in the world of user interface and user experience is a direct result of these designers. 

The average UX/UI designer salary in Houston is around $77,000 per year. Entry-level UX/UI design positions start at around $57,000, and experienced professionals can earn $105,000 or more. 

How Does This Benefit You? 

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What’s the takeaway? 

Houston is an innovative tech city that transcends industry lines, and contributes billions to the economy in Texas. Generations of Texans worked towards a common goal in Houston, creating a modern and prosperous metropolis. While many people underestimate the city, Houston is thriving, and will continue to do so as companies continue to come together in the spirit of collaboration. 

If you currently reside in Houston (or want to move to the city), knowing the current salary information for local professionals is invaluable to your career success. Developing an understanding of your career path and asking the right questions can save you money and boost your confidence in the long term. 

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